About Us

Roxy Robinson


“People will always remember how you made them feel “. Roxy strives to create unforgettable memories and experiences for people to live fulfilled lives.

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Dolvett Quince


Through books, keynotes and guest appearances, Dolvett helps people everywhere overcome self-doubt by giving them a clear vision, growth mindset and practical system to design their best path forward

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Jenz Robinson

Strength Coach, Mentor, Educator

His passion lies deep within helping people achieve their goals after they have tried all else and failed.

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Thalia Burt

Personal trainer, dancer and stretch conditioning coach

I want to encourage men and women of all ages and life stages to harvest your self-love and self-belief through fitness

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Darla Fit

Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

I have been coaching women for over 10 years now! When I began coaching I was teaching a prenatal/postnatal stroller fitness class

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Tegan Martin

Health Coach & Wellness Advocate

Tegan is in the unique position to offer not only her personal experience, but informed knowledge.

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Schanelle Denton

RYT-500HR Yoga Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator & Life Coach

Schanelle passionately teaches the tools of the subconscious mind to re-program the mental conditioning through neuro-lingusitic programming (NLP) technique

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Yoga Teacher

I have always had a deep love for living life to the full and taking care of my mind.

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Fitness Expert, dancer & Choreographer

My style of training intergrates two of my favourite things, music and movement!

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Kori Miller

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

She went from a small Texas town girl to now as an experienced fitness and swimsuit model, motivational speaker, and winning fitness bikini competitor.

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