Tegan Martin

Tegan Martin
Health Coach & Wellness Advocate

Tegan is in the unique position to offer not only her personal experience, but informed knowledge.

Long before this beauty steps in front of the camera and wins over any audience with her captivating presence, it is her smarts and personable charm that magnetise huge media networks to come knocking on her door. With a wealth of on camera & television experience, Tegan is a live audience enchantress, with the likes of The Today Show, Sunrise, The Project and Prime7 who have been eager to call upon her as a voice for the modern generation.

A qualified health coach and passionate wellness advocate, Tegan is in the unique position to offer not only her personal experience, but informed knowledge that she can present in a way that is both inspirational and informative to her target audience. When Tegan talks, the industry stops to listen.

With an unwavering drive to inspire and assist young women/teens to escape the criticism and judgement that often pollutes their thoughts and social feeds, Tegan has launched her own workshop series “Girl Code”. Topics such as self-love, positive thinking and wellness will build a stronger community and communication channel for the rising generation.

The term ambassador seems to fall short when summarising Tegan’s involvement in any given work partnership. Priding herself on aligning with projects that she truly believes in ensures that she endeavours to be a part of the creative process from start to finish. This all-encompassing creative approach brings content to life through her input in hair, make-up, styling, production, scripting and presenting.

Sure, Tegan Martin has looks that leave jaws-dropping, but what leaves them speechless is her vision and voice.