Reset. Refocus. Restart

10 Aug

The pandemic has forced companies to slow down, reanalyze and restructure their businesses. This has put a lot of strain of people across the globe both mentally and physically. Now that businesses are slowly returning back to normal. The timing couldn't be any more perfect, It is time to invest in the physical wellness and mental health of your employees.

Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats are global leaders curating luxury corporate and lifestyle wellness retreats specifically for your company goals and requirements. It’s a great “health-kick” for team incentives and radical transformations that guarantees personal and team growth, ensuring everyone leaves refocused, renewed and ecstatic.

Our experts offer superior knowledge of worldwide luxury wellness retreats and take pride in designing exclusive luxury experiences. Every tailored activity meets the goals of each individual, allowing you to flourish and thrive! Led by celebrity fitness trainer and motivational speaker Dolvett Quince, you couldn’t be in better hands!

We take a holistic approach to our retreat programs, ensuring that we focus on your mind, body and soul, including delicious, nutritious meals, world-class workouts, meditation, yoga, inspirational mentoring sessions and massages. Wellness retreats are a bucket list experience! 

We design luxury retreats that encourages not only wellness, but brand building at its best. With our white label option, your team will know how much you care for them. Once this crisis is over, commit to offering long-term solutions to help your people stay healthy.

Choose your destination with any date that suits you and we will bring your team together to create an experience they will never forget.


Above are only some of the retreat destinations we offer. So please contact us with your dream retreat and we will personalize this experience for you and your team. 

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