This Is Your Calling

10 Aug

So we ask the question:

What do Bali, Mexico and the Maldives have in common? It’s your office!

Tabula Rasa is looking for fitness experts to join our team where you can travel the world and do what you love by not only helping people but fulfilling your mind, body and soul.

You want to get your team away from the distractions of the office and we know you don’t want to see them for hours in a boardroom with outdated team building notes, brainstorming and activities . The truth that is new ideas, new collaborations and new ways of working together require an environment specifically designed to bring the best out of you and your employees.

Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats are global leaders curating luxury corporate and lifestyle wellness retreats specifically for your company goals and requirements. It’s a great “health-kick” for team incentives and radical transformations that guarantees personal and team growth, ensuring everyone leaves refocused, renewed and ecstatic. 

We design luxury retreats that encourages not only wellness, but brand building at its best. With our white label option, your team will know how much you care for them, specially knowing what they can look forward to after quarantine 

Choose your destination with any date that suits you and we will bring our team together to bring you resourceful and enjoyable itineraries.

We at Tabula Rasa know the right treatment you need to clear the air, experience joy and tackle the feeling fear the unknown. After all, knowledge comes from experience and perception. 

Let us create a luxurious and tailored itinerary to suit your needs and personal goals and we guarantee you will come back flourishing and thriving to take on what’s next to come.

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