Time and Tide Nosy Ankao Madagascar

Journey with Time + Tide over mountains, baobabs and shipwrecks dotting the wild coastline to reach a remote island destination off the coast of Madagascar. Rediscover your sense of wonder and adventure in a place where luxury means stepping foot where no man has before. Come let us show you what this wild and beautiful place has to offer. Stroll on the white sand beaches and float in the warm Indian Ocean for hours on end. Discover the weird and wonderful creatures and countryside of Madagascar. Try your hand at kayaking, fly and boat fishing, paddle boarding and kitesurfing. Contribute to the long-term sustainability of the region simply by visiting. Time + Tide really does wait for no man and the island has been alive and thriving, awaiting the arrival of its next guests. Keep your expectations high and travel to a place where luxury, time and space is all yours.