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A trip down the Northern Hemisphere with Roxstar Global Consulting- Aurora Safari

In the furthest reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, dancing across the night sky is a phenomenon that continues to mystify us all. Iceland is one of the best places to witness this incredible natural spectacle. Discover nature at its most sublime in this Nordic hot spot. Amidst the colossal glaciers, mighty volcanoes, and furrowed fjords, you can’t help but feel amazingly isolated on this island, standing gallantly alone in the North Atlantic Ocean.

•Go in search of the Northern Lights accompanied by your own personal guide and expert astronomer

•Embark upon a thrilling snowmobile ride across the Eyjafjallajokull ice cap

•Recharge in a secret thermal pool as the Aurora Borealis dance above you

•Race ATVs along Southern Iceland's black-sand beaches, followed by a private lunch in a lava cave

•Embark on an adventure in the highlands aboard specially adapted super jeeps

•Descend into a lava tunnel and explore the otherworldly geology beneath the surface

•Visit Langjökull glacier and even discover it from the inside, led by an expert guide

•Snorkel between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates

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