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Adventuring with Roxstar Global Consulting through Peru

A sumptuous combination of adventure, gastromy, and culture in deepest Peru. Peru is a country of astounding contrasts and treasures, offering an incredibly rich combination of cultural heritage, history, stunning nature, spirituality, and exquisite gastromy. This very special trip to Peru includes all the exclusive “must-sees” plus a special focus on the best foodie offerings available. The highlights of your adventure into the food of the Amazon are extensive and diverse. Experience a cooking class with renowned Pedro Miguel Schiaffinoin Lima, sample a delicious seven-course gourmet tasting lunch at Hacienda Sarapamp a and share a picnic in Maras followed by a very special ceremony on of sound traditional offerings to Mother Earth. Enjoy an open-aired feast at Wayra Ranch whilst watching a Peruvian Paso horse show, encounter pure Peruvian Cacao at Chaqchaoand discover transformational Peruvian dishes at the MAP Café in Cusco. Perfect for couples and families alike

•Exceptional gastronomy in a host of unique settings

•Private masterclass with renowned chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino

•Access to well known Peruvian influencers who can enrich your experience

•Encounter the country's breathtaking landscapes and travel in style

•Spend two nights onboard the iconic and refined Belmond Andean Explorer train

•Bypass the crowds at mind-blowing archaeological sites

•Stay in a private luxury camp in the Sacred Valley (optional)

•Savour unique experiences like a Shamanic blessing or visit historical sites with National Geographic guides

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