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Glide Above The Himalayas with Roxstar Global Consulting

This trip is a unique chance to fly over the Himalayas in a glider, viewing 8 peaks over 9,000 meters, in what would be a world record! We already have government approval for this and it could take place up to March 2021 and 2022. This spectacular flight offers the chance for an experience in the air like no other, soaring over the giant peaks of the Himalayas, with a professional pilot of world-class standard. The jetstream is a strong band of wind that undulates as it flows over the mountains. Much like a surfer rides a wave on the sea, Klaus uses the updrafts of air to gain altitude in the glider and reaching speeds of 400 kilometers per hour. This technique requires considerable skill and experience, and Klaus is the recognized master; He holds the world record for flying the longest distance and the fastest speed. The full power of the jetstream begins in November to the end of March when the jetstream. is needed for flying at such high altitudes. The experience takes place in a specially built glider that has the specialized oxygen systems on board to fly over 8000 meters. There is very little comparison between standard microlight trips and this unique

gliding experience which requires world-class skills to fly in such a demanding environment.

About Klaus Ohlmann:

Klaus Ohlmann (68) is a six-time world champion and, with over 60 world records, the most successful glider pilot of all time. After his successful practice as

a dentist, he runs his own mountain flying school "Quo Vadis" in southern France. (

He has specialized in long-range and high-altitude flights and is the holder of the FAI glider world record for the longest

free distance of 3009 km uninterrupted

flight and also is the first person to fly over Mount Everest in a glider. His world record for the fastest ever speed reached in a glider of 307 km/h remains unbroken in a decade.

He has perfected the art of 'wave riding' in a glider, a specific skill in catching updrafts in the jetstream

in order to fly long distances. In 1998 he founded Mountain- Wave-Project, a research facility with the aim to make gliding more visible in an exciting contrast between science, adventure, spectacular landscapes, and records.

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