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A colorful adventurous Island trip to Cuba with Roxstar Global Consulting

The intriguing and slightly mischievous big brother amongst its Caribbean siblings, Cuba is a colorful and adventurous island on which to spend your travels. Powder white sand and shady palm trees await you at Cuba’s popular coastline resorts such as Varaderoor Playa Ancon, as do crystal blue waters in which to bathe and snorkel amongst the vibrant marine life. But unlike its other Caribbean counterparts, Cuba has another side to it; one of a slightly ramshackle, yet enchanting nature. Expect Che Guevara at every turn; from spray-painted street art to t-shirt prints, to restaurant billboards a constant reminder of the country’s revolutionary Discover the colonial architecture of Old Havana from a beautifully preserved 1950s classic car

  • Roll your own cigar and dine alfresco amidst the tobacco plantations of Vinales

  • Hop from cayo to cayo in a classic sailing yacht, snorkeling shimmering coral reefs and picnicking on deserted beaches

  • Spar with Cuba’s next generation of Olympic fighters in a Havana boxing gym

  • A private jamming session with one of Cuba’s leading jazz trumpeters or Son musicians

  • Meet a former Cuban diplomat to learn about Cuban foreign policy

  • Salsa masterclass, then dance the night away with exclusive access to Havana's legendary Casas de Musica

  • Ride a Harley Davidson across the Cuban countryside, escorted by Ernesto, the son of Che Guevara

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