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Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats are global leaders in the curation of luxury corporate and lifestyle wellness retreats around the world. Whether you're looking for the perfect package for a corporate team incentive, a personal “health-kick” holiday, or a radical transformation in your well-being we offer it all. It’s not just our in-depth insight and world-renowned service that guarantees you an experience to remember, but our attention to detail and our genuine care for our clients, ensuring you leave the retreat renewed, refocused, and happy.



As leaders in the luxury wellness sector, your experience is our priority. Our experts offer superior knowledge of worldwide luxury wellness retreats - we don't endorse anything we haven't personally experienced and vetted - to ensure we deliver the highest of standards for our clients. Our specialists take pride in designing exclusive luxury experiences and every activity is tailored to meet the goals of each individual, allowing you to flourish and thrive!


Roxy Robinsons


“People will always remember how you made them feel “. Roxy strives to create unforgettable memories and experiences for people to live fulfilled lives.

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Dolvett Quince


Through books, keynotes and guest appearances, Dolvett helps people everywhere overcome self-doubt by giving them a clear vision, growth mindset and practical system to design their best path forward

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We have an Incentive program

We're looking for fitness professionals across a range of disciplines to partner with us on our retreats.

Earn incentives and a free all-inclusive trip to any of our wellness retreats around the world

Promote & Sell the retreats
Reach Out To People
Be Motivated & Work Hard
Earn Money & Travel The World

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Tabula Rasa Fitness Experts

Jenz Robinson

Strength Coach, Mentor, Educator


Thalia Burt

Personal trainer, dancer and stretch conditioning coach


Darla Fit

Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Teagan Martin

Health Coach & Wellness Advocate


Schanelle Denton

RYT-500HR Yoga Teacher, Breath-work Facilitator & Life Coach



Fitness Expert, dancer & Choreographer


Yoga Teacher



Personal Trainer , Dancer


Kori Miller

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

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