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A rich and insightful journey with Roxstar Global Consulting described as, 'Where two meet'

A rich and insightful journey that begins with a historical, spiritual, and geopolitical exploration of Israel’s Holy Land and ends in the h ed on the historic metropolis of Tel Aviv.

Visit off-limits tunnels of the Western Wall, where excavation is still taking place.

•Join a local foodie expert and visit the bustling Machane Yehuda food market

•Feast upon a traditional Shabbat meal at the home of a local family

•Meet an Israeli entrepreneur, substantiating the country's burgeoning reputation as a start-up capital

•Venture close to the Syrian border, where you will gain a first-hand account of the latest developments from an intelligence expert

•Meet a leading Palestinian journalist over breakfast

•Be introduced to a Kabbalistic Rabbi in the mystical city of Tsfat

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