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Experience what we call The Ring Of Fire with Roxstar Global Consulting

Hike hillsides, rain forests, and savannah as the sun rises, and sip cocktails on pink sand beaches as it sets. Here, at the epicenter of marine biodiversity, you will witness the glimmering shoals that ply the shallows as you dive, snorkel or swim this marine paradise. The broad size of the spectrum of the sea is easily apparent here. From the coral, carpet teeming with tiny pygmy seahorses and macro life to the rays, dolphins, and whales attracted by the rainbow-colored bait. Finally, you will reach the kingdom of the dragon's Komodo. On land and by boat, you will learn the myths and legends surrounding these pre-historic creatures that rule over the national park From the realms of the Gods to the empire of the dragon, this journey is for adventure seekers and nature. lovers alike. Extend your stay for a few days at a hedonistic retreat on the fringes of the idyllic Sumbanese. coast. Whether you seek rest or an ongoing adventure, your stay will be tailored to meet your every need in what can only be described as paradise found.


•Sail the Indonesian island in the nostalgic splendor of a traditional Phinisi

•Drop anchor for a private beach bbq The catch of the day prepared by your crew

•Free dive with. manta rays, led by a renowned. expert

•Search for sunken shipwrecks and discover the exotic biodiversity beneath the waves

•Paddle kayaks across the beautiful crater lake of Satonda Island

•Hike through the domain of Komodo Dragons, guided by a ranger from the Komodo National Park

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