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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Tabula Rasa – def/: ”the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception.

The perfect name for the most sought after luxury wellness retreat experience that the rich and famous are lining up to attend Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats are global leaders in the curation of luxury corporate and lifestyle wellness retreats around the world. Whether you're looking for the perfect package.

If you’re looking for a corporate team incentive, a personal “health-kick” holiday, or a radical transformation in your wellbeing then we offer it all. With a major focus on curating wellness retreats for corporate clients and global brands, we pride ourselves in developing personalised packages to suit your requirements.

We host our events across many unique exotic locations we want to empower our guests in paradise so from the Maldives to a safari retreat in Africa

We allow corporate clients the option to choose any week and any destination that suits their needs. We can customize the retreat to suit your requirements or provide a simple “plug and play “solution. Be it a retreat for your staff to renew their minds, reconnect with themselves and others or one of our unique CEO and Entrepreneur retreats. Perhaps the retreat is a unique opportunity for you to invite your clients to establish brand loyalty, great networking opportunities and much more. Please contact us so we can finalise your ultimate wellness retreat experience.

Tabula Rasa, a sister brand to Roxstar Concierge, has partnered with Dolvett Quince to create these rejuvenating retreats. Dolvett is a NYT Bestselling Author, International Keynote Speaker, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Personal Development Expert with 20+ years of experience empowering people to turn potential into strength. With expertise in self-love, healthy wealth and fitness, he has coached people from all walks of life, and is most recognized for his 7 seasons as a trainer on NBC’s TV show, “The Biggest Loser.”

An internationally renowned speaker, Dolvett engages diverse audiences through conference keynotes and online masterclasses on the topics of personal identity, business development, fitness science and emotional intelligence. The partnership with Dolvett focused on creating high end luxury wellness retreats is a perfect partnership as Roxstar Concierge CEO Roxy Robinson brings years of experience to the table with unrivalled insider access and value. Consequently, we are very proud to have formed this new partnership with Dolvett and look forward to an ever increasing flow of happy, healthy and satisfied clients.

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