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Lost In Paradise- Discover the romance with Roxstar Global Consulting

Discover the romance, seclusion, and exotic nature of Tahiti. Fly over Maupiti for a sky-high view of this picture-perfecting of islets. Then let the countless hues of azure draw you into the pristine lagoon to meet the resident Manta Rays swimming above a coral garden. Then sail the lagoon at sunset in a va'amotu canoe for a sumptuous champagne Surf Tahiti’s wild swells and hollow barrels with a former professional.

  • Learn the artistic expression of Ori Tahiti (the Dance of Tahiti) from the legendary Taumata Robinson

  • Sip champagne in a traditional outrigger canoe, sailed by a national champion

  • See Maupiti lagoon from above by helicopter, then from below the waves as you snorkel with Manta rays

  • Try ancient fishing techniques then fillet your fresh catch with a local fisherman in his home

  • Dive the lagoon of Rangiroa, the world’s second-biggest atoll, with a marine biologist

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