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Roxstar Global Consulting will be entering an endless white expanse- Emperors Of The South Pole

Enter an endless white expanse during this once-in-a-lifetime trip. This enthralling adventure takes you to vibrant Cape Town for three days of culture and exploration, before you fly into the heart of Antarctica. Meet Emperor Penguins, try ice climbing and abseiling, and picnic beside giant ice waves, before you embark on the ultimate expedition to the lowest point on earth – the South Pole just a two-hour flight from camp, we will take you to the Emperor Penguin colony where you will be introduced to the real-life stars of “March of the Penguins”. Over six thousand penguins and their young chicks will be there to greet you, totally unafraid of humans and waddling towards you to say hello. Truly one of the greatest thrills on earth, you will feel honored to witness such a rare and secluded wildlife spectacle. Next for an astonishing flight to the South Pole where you will experience an awe-inspiring sense of remoteness at this point where, for as far as the eye can see, the white horizon meets the pure blue sky. The lowest point on earth and the holy grail of early explorers, here there is no more east, south, or west on the planet – only north. Take a tour of the American Amundsen-Scott Science base to discover their ground-breaking research, before being able to stamp your passport with the rarest of all stamps.

Then it’s back to Cape Town, for two days of pure relaxation in a five-star hotel and spa beside the ocean. Ideal for those craving a high dose of nature’s uplifting medicine in a place where tranquillity, phenomenon, and adventure collide


  • Arrive in Cape Town and take some time to explore the city and surrounding Winelands

  • Fly south to Antarctica by private jet, landing on a specially adapted ice runway

  • Sleep in state of the art sleeping pods at Whichaway Camp

  • Fly to the South Pole where you will be able to stamp your passport

  • Encounter the vast colony of Emperor Penguins

  • Descend into otherworldly ice tunnels

  • Try your hand at polar adventures like kite skiing, abseiling, and ice climbing

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