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Treasures Of Thailand & Laos- How much treasure can you find with Roxstar Global Consulting?

South East Asiaevokes so many images, from lush rice paddies and verdant jungle to vibrant cities and exotic trees food. But its people are what makes the region truly unique, Opening our black book of contacts, we'll introduce you to the local characters who can unearth hidden gems and make sense of this mesmerizing, yet often chaotic part of the world. Travel through Thailand and Laos to explore the contrast and confluence of culture and religion into the very distinct characters of these two enchanting neighbors.

  • Journey Inside the tunnel temples of Wat Umong receive a private blessing from a Buddhist monk

  • Visit the three most iconic historical landmarks of Bangkok in the company of a royal historian

  • Meet Narisa, granddaughter of Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanath at her beautiful retreat and former royal residence, Chakrabongse Villa

  • Learn about the history, urbanism, and anthropology of Luang Prabang from a UNESCO expert

  • Meet with an artist and descendant of the former Luang

  • Prabang monarchy at his prestigious home to see how he uses traditional Lao court embroidery to create contemporary art

  • Fish the waters of the Mekong River using traditional methods, then cook your fresh catch for lunch

  • Get a private performance from Thai royalty's most famous dancer

  • Learn to drive a Tuk Tuk to explore the rural province of Luang Prabang

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