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Unmasking Japan

Uncover my riad layers of Japanese culture during this in-depth voyage of discovery and contrast. Begin your trip in beautiful Kyoto, where you will experience the rare privilege of a private dinner with a Geisha. Lose your -self in the ritual of an authentic tea ceremony and explore the city’s hidden gardens, that only the locals can lead you to. Learn the true concept and the meaning of Zen, which you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Experience Zazen meditation and spend time with the monks in the temples, before venturing up to the countryside where Mount Fuji looms and stunning waterfalls provide a natural soundscape. You will finish your journey in Tokyo, where Japan’s historic customs and its fierce modernity fuse.

A journey to unearth Japan's ancient cultures & crafts

•Insider access to a traditional sumo stable

•Learn the true concept and essence of Zen Buddhism during dawn meditation with Zazen monks

•Experience the rare privilege of a private dinner with a Geisha

•Enjoy privileged access to lesser-known. experts in their field

•Stay in traditional ryokans and an exquisite. country villa

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