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Visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities to visit over 7000 years of history- Temples & Tombs

Begin in Cairo, where 7,000 years of history is housed inside the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. An Egyptologist will accompany you to share some passion and knowledge on what you can see, including Tutankhamen’s tomb and the mummies of Kings, Queens, and Pharaohs. Enter the old gates of Cairo to explore the narrow streets and bustling workshops of the Islamic Quarter. Explore the religious sites of Coptic Cairo, including the Church of St Sergius, the Hanging Church, the Synagogue of Ben Ezra, and the Greek Church of St George. The traditional way to experience the overwhelming beauty of the desert is by camel. The endless expanses of undulating sand dune sand changing color with the rising and setting sun is magical. Fly to Luxor to begin your journey along the Nile and through Esna locks. See temples that took generations of Pharaohs over a thousand years to build; enter a tomb adorned with Old Kingdom style art; marvel at a giant complex of sandstone pillars dedicated to the god, Amun-Re; wander a valley where tombs are carved into desert rock; and explore a perfectly symmetrical double temple that honors the crocodile God, Sobek and falcon-headed God, Horus. Explore Cairo's museums and antiquities under the guidance of an Egyptologist

•Wander the Ottoman buildings and religious sites of Old and Coptic Cairo

•See Whirling Dervish

•Wander the desert on a camel

•Explore the sites of Egypt's great pyramids including Giza, Dahshur, and Saqqara, where the first Egyptian pyramid was built

•Visit the Solar Barge Museum to see a vessel that was sealed underground at the foot of the Great Pyramid around 2,500 BC

•Sail down the Nile, stopping to explore the valleys, tombs, and temples along the way

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