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Winter Wonderland with Roxstar Global Consulting- Keeping The Magic Alive

After weeks of excited anticipation and good behavior, thanks to the ever-watchful eyes of the Elf on the Shelf the day has finally arrived for your journey into a gorgeous winter wonderland. As you touch down in Finland’s Rovaniemi Airport our Untold Story representative will be there to greet you. You and your family will be chauffeur-driven to your winter cabin. Let your imaginations run wild as you find an elf waiting for you, and discover strange footprints in the snow outside -could it be reindeer? Bears? Father Christmas? Then relax and settle in as your private chef prepares a sumptuous welcome meal. 4 weeks prior to departure each child will receive their 'Elf on the Shelf' to make sure they've been good!

• Be guests of honor in Father Christmas’ hideaway home in the forest

• Visit a husky farm and glide across the glistening snow aboard a husky sleigh

• Solve riddles and hunt for clues in a magical forest inhabited by elves

• Race reindeer across the white expanse in search of gifts

• Search for the Northern Lights from the comfort of your winter cabin

•Feel the thrill as you ride snowmobiles across frozen lakes

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