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Would you like to watch the Crimson sunset from Ipanema beach?- The Rhythms Of Brazil

Watching the crimson sunset from Ipanema beach, salty-haired, caipirinha cocktail in hand, and the background rumble of samba beats. It is hard not to fall in love with the beauty and exuberance of Brazil. The biodiversity of this huge country is literally unparalleled anywhere in the world. Whether you’re rafting down the Amazon or exploring watery worlds with a snorkel and flippers, you’ll encounter captivating species including jaguars, toucans, pink dolphins, sloths, and many more. Beats are infused throughout Brazilian culture, from curbside African drums in Salvador tonight. long dance music sets in São Paulo’s clubs. In other words, be sure to pack your dancing shoes

  • Explore verdant tropical islands and amazing secret beaches as you sail the Emerald Coast from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty

  • Ride across the vast Pantanal wetlands with

  • Vaquero cowboys in search of jaguars, giant anteaters, and river otters

  • Learn how to cook with rare herbs and even ants from the Amazon rainforest with a pioneering Sao Paulo chef

  • Charter a private yacht, looking for pink river dolphins and fishing for piranha in little known reaches of the Amazon

  • Meet a Brazilian musical hero and hear their stories

  • Stay with some of the Amazon's most traditional and vulnerable tribes on an air safari to the Upper Xingu

  • Check out the vibrant contemporary art scene in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, or Belo Horizonte

  • Join Brazil's volleyball or football stars of the future for an impromptu game on Ipanema Beach

  • Surf your way down the coast of southern Brazil with a pro instructor

  • Make your own carnival costume and join the samba parade of the Rio Carnival

  • Take a thrilling private jet boat ride and get drenched beneath the mighty Iguacu Falls

  • Kitesurf, chill, repeat in Jericoac

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