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Travel Agent Membership with
Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats 
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Clifftop Yoga
Tracking Clients & Building Relationships

How does a travel agency benefit from a partnership with Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats?

We are a wellness-focused professional resource and platform for travel agencies that provide an opportunity for them to bring more value to what they offer their clients.


We are passionate about supporting and elevating the travel industry, especially right now, and we have exceptional and unique tools to do so. 


With your own dashboard in the platform via personalized logins, travel agencies can store, track and manage their clients and bookings all in one place.


All client information is protected under our data protection policy and in our contracts and, through this platform, travel agents are able to safely and efficiently build out their clients' travel portfolios. 

Travel agencies will also have the ability to seamlessly load their consultants under one profile into our backend dashboard. This gives travel agencies complete transparency when it comes to managing and tracking their bookings, commissions, and payouts. 

We will offer monthly reporting to showcase your usage within Tabula Rasa Backend as well. To illustrate this, we will provide each travel agency with a specific code that will be unique to their agency and their subsidiary agents.

Rev Share for Destination Experts

In addition to residual income from non-travel client bookings on Tabula Rasa Wellness partnered with CENTRED, we also give travel agents the ability to earn passive income through introductions.


Tabula Rasa Wellness actively seeking connections to DMOs and Destination Experts and will pay travel agents a recurring 10% on partnerships procured.


These people should be on-the-ground experts that can help us vet and grow their suppliers. We believe that travel agents are an integral part of growing the Tabula Rasa Wellness  business and achieving our goal of being in every travel and wellness transaction in the world. 

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Rev Share for Residual Income

We present a revenue share model unlike any other.


Every travel agency client will have their own personalized code directly associated with their individual travel agent/agency. Anytime they book a service within the app, even if it is not directly related to the trip in question (a salon appointment, massage, local fitness class, beauty products, etc), the travel agency will capture revenue. This applies during the trip and then for any service booked thereafter, forever.


Therefore travel agents are able to earn residual income through Tabula Rasa without worrying about losing their clients.

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Unique Benefits


Our overarching goal is to provide each member with an incredible wellness-focused experience time and time again, therefore we want to continuously help travel agents access first- class tools and services - some of which are highly exclusive such as Travellermade, Hilton Impressario, and Hyatt Privé. Via our contracts reinforcing data protection, we want to
help travel agents expand their offerings safely and securely. 


To ease the frustration of manually contacting individual hotels, we offer a unique trip planning solution where travel agents can input booking request information received from a client and the system will automatically send that brief to all hotels matching the criteria. 

This efficient comparison tool ensures agents are getting the very best deal and by eliminating manual outreach and works off split commissions.


We provide travel agents with a selection of plug and play bucket list packages to offer their clients. This would be fully branded to your agency, and easily accessed in your personal dashboard.

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Incentive Program


Any agent that sells the most in the marketplace each year gets a trip on us, and a one-on- one coaching session with a highly successful businessman (ie. Joe Foster, the founder of Reebok; a billionaire that spent 30 years growing one of the world’s biggest brands).

We also incentivize in monthly bursts and organize other one-on-one sessions with successful founders as a way of saying thank you for using the Marketplace, and to contribute to your professional development.



Also based on sales driven in the platform, guarantees trade rates to travel agents (and their friends and family that join them on the trip) to experience some of the world's most lavish hotels at a fraction of the price. Get ready to pack your bags!

In being a Tabula Rasa Wellness Member, you & customers have access to…

Temple Backpack Traveler

●Free membership for your employees/customers
●$100 USD in app credit for employees
●More than 40,000 wellness experiences in over 200cities across the world
●Cumulation of loyalty points
●24/7 tele-health access to licensed Western physicians
●PCR tests anywhere, anytime
●A free Health Pass to make your travel days seamless
●15,000+ vetted wellness hotels
●400+ vetted wellness retreats
●Complimentary access to 1200+ Verified Airport Lounges
●Fast-tracked airport security in participating airports
●Meet and greet
●Chauffeur & Airport Service
●Complimentary room upgrades (subject to availability)
●Complimentary daily breakfast
●Up to 250 USD resort credit
●VIP amenities in your hotel room upon arrival
●Complimentary early check-in and late check-out
●Complimentary valet parking
●Complimentary WiFi
●Complimentary access to spa facilities and treatments
●20% off in-room dining
●Special rates on all properties, ranging from25%-50% off
●Our network of amazing handpicked fitness offeringsat deep discounts, both
online and in person
●Beauty and lifestyle experiences
●Personalized products
●Mobile app and web access
●And so much more!

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