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A Journey Through South East Of Asia With Roxstar Global Consulting

southeast Asia evokes so many images, from lush rice paddies and verdant jungle to vibrant cities and exotic street food. But its people are what makes the region truly unique, Opening our black book of contacts, we'll introduce you to the local characters who can unearth hidden gems and makes sense of this mesmerizing, yet often chaotic part of the world.

Enjoy a walking street food tour with Phillippe Lajaunie, author of Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook

•Meet a member of the Vietnamese Air Force who saw active service in the Vietnam War

•Explore the ancient ruins of Angkor, led by renowned archaeologist Dr. Oliver Cunin

•Float gently above the Angkor citadel during a sunrise hot air balloon flight

•Journey deep into the Cambodian jungle and stay in an exclusive tented camp

•Join Buddhist monks for morning meditation at a hidden temple

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