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Nature still reigns in its wildest form- Dessert Island Castaway

Be castaway in a remote paradise, where nature still reigns in its wildest form, unblemished by man or machine. Leave the relentlessness of the modern world behind and reawaken your primal instincts during a desert island survival experience, armed only with Mother Nature’s abundant resources. First choose your island in either: Panama, Tonga, Philippines, or French Polynesia Travel by speedboat to an uninhabited island paradise where you will be castaway.

  • Develop survival skills and techniques from a wilderness survival expert

  • Utilize basic equipment and natural resources to master the five key elements of survival: psychology, shelter, fire, flood, and water

  • Explore idyllic atolls and glassy lagoons, above and below the surface

  • Witness natural phenomena such as whales, turtles, or crabs nesting, hatching, and migrating, all in front of your eyes

  • Replenish and reinvigorate yourself on one of the world’s few remaining pristine 'desert islands'

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