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Rwanda is an aspirational destination for nature lovers, travel with Roxstar Global Consulting

Blessed with biodiversity, rich cultural and physical landscapes. Rwanda is one of the most aspirational destinations for nature lovers. People come to interact with mountain gorillas but are invariably captivated by all that this impressive landlocked country has to offer. This small, landlocked part of Africa contains more than a third of the world's mountain gorillas. But this is just one of the many reasons to visit this extraordinarily beautiful country. Dramatic landscapes provide the backdrop to an abundance of wildlife, culture, and adventure that is waiting to be explored. All of the Big Five can be found wandering across the plains of Akagera National Park. We will find you an idyllic sanctuary, perhaps overlooking Lake Rwanyakazing, where you can sip a sundowner next to a firepit and watch animals making their way to and from the water’s edge. The mix of savannah, woodland, wetland. and lakes shelter immense biodiversity, including some rare savannah-adapted species. The activities are just as diverse. Take a swamp cruiser along the labyrinth of channels fed by the meandering river, share the same water as crocodiles and hippos to do some traditional fishing, or take a nocturnal game drive to see bush babies and predators on the prowl at night.

  • Meet the prominent politicians and entrepreneurs who are ensuring long term prosperity and stability for Rwanda

  • Track the beautiful golden monkey in the lush forests of Volcanoes National Park

  • Savor the rare privilege of interacting with mountain gorillas in their natural habitat

  • Tick off the Big Five on a safari in Akagera National Park

  • Get up close and personal with crocodiles and hippos from a specially adapted swamp cruiser

  • Learn traditional fishing techniques on Rwanda's pristine lakes

  • Spot nocturnal creatures during a nighttime safari

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