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Enjoy a bucket list experience, we offer skydiving in almost all our retreats destinations.


Skydiving - that original "extreme sport" that precipitated the term's emergence into the cultural lexicon - as follows:


1: The descent of a person to the surface from an aircraft in flight when he or she uses or intends to use a parachute during all or part of that descent.

2: To jump from an aircraft with a parachute.

The key elements here are "aircraft" and "parachute." An "aircraft" has to be just that: a vehicle moving through the air. The aircraft doesn't have to be an airplane - it can be a hot-air balloon, a microlight, a paraglider with a tandem harness to jump from, or a big ol' dirigible. The "parachute" must be present, but it doesn't have to be of any particular kind. It can be an old-school round or a modern ram-air (square) number. These days, it's almost always the latter.


We will make it happen for you, you just need to take the leap. 


    Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats will confirm prices and travel restrictions during the COVID 19 Pandemic. We will do everything in our power, to secure your bookings. Thank you for understanding and please be safe out there. 

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