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Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats
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Benefits Of Becoming a
Tabula Rasa Wellness Member

Tabula Rasa Wellness partnered with Centred is more than an app, it is a lifestyle.

By Registering with Tabula Rasa you gain access to our exclusive partnership were we will provide you access to Centred which is an Invite-Only app that has more than 10,000 curated wellness experiences in over 1,000 cities globally!

Find special rates on wellness hotels, retreats, tele-health, fitness classes and equipment, yoga studios, beauty products, spas, and more! 

Gain exclusive access to airport lounges worldwide, early check-in/late check-out, access to 24/7 licensed Western physicians, complimentary resort credits, complimentary breakfast with each wellness hotel booking, personalized products, an amazing network of handpicked fitness offerings, and so much more! 

Centred is more than an app, it is a lifestyle; we give you the ability to live and travel well. By removing the pain and inefficiencies sometimes experienced while traveling, Centred members receive peace of mind during their journey, as well as handpicked, vetted wellness experiences worldwide.


Get ready to feel Centred! Exclusively through this Tabula Rasa Code when you sign up here.

Become a Member of Tabula Rasa Wellness Retreats 

 We want to help make this as seamless a transition as possible for our friends, partners, and network , and to give everyone globally the armour they need to prepare for this next phase. 

We have the tools, and want to share…

Completely free of charge, no strings attached 

At Tabula Rasa we are  happy to extend an exclusive invite code to you to make these turbulent times a bit easier on our community.

Customer Membership


Fitness Experts & Stylists

Spa's &Wellness Centres

Calling on all brands and suppliers!


Now, more than ever before, people want to “feel Centred” and we help make that possible through our global partnerships in travel, fitness, health, and beauty services/lifestyle.


When you register with Tabula Rasa we will give you a unique code to  give you privileged access.


We provide you with a way  to drive revenue to your brand in the beauty and fitness industries, 

Inspired by dating apps and the idea that you can match beauty and fitness pros with clients based on treatment, expertise and product preference...

Marketing Executive

We are a wellness-focused professional resource and platform for travel agencies that provide an opportunity for them to bring more value to what they offer their clients.


We are passionate about supporting and elevating the travel industry, especially right now, and we have exceptional and unique tools to do so. 


With your own dashboard in the platform via personalized logins, travel agencies can store, track and manage their clients and bookings all in one place.

Through using Tabula Rasa exclusive invite code you will gain access to these unique benefits.

Hot Air Balloons

●Free access to private wellness marketplace
●More than 40,000 wellness experiences in over 200cities across the world
●Cumulation of loyalty points
●24/7 telehealth access to licensed Western physicians
●PCR tests anywhere, anytime
●A free Centred Health Pass to make your travel days seamless
●15,000+ vetted wellness hotels
●400+ vetted wellness retreats
●Complimentary access to 1200+ Verified Airport Lounges
●Fast-tracked airport security in participating airports
●Meet and greet
●Chauffeur & Airport Service
●Complimentary room upgrades (subject to availability)
●Complimentary daily breakfast
●Up to 250 USD resort credit
●VIP amenities in your hotel room upon arrival
●Complimentary early check-in and late check-out
●Complimentary valet parking
●Complimentary WiFi
●Complimentary access to spa facilities and treatments
●20% off in-room dining
●Special Centred rates on all properties, ranging from25%-50% off
●Our network of amazing handpicked fitness offerings at deep discounts, both online and in-person
●Beauty and lifestyle experiences
●Personalized products
●Mobile app and web access
●And so much more!

We are uniquely positioned to change the entire travel experience from home through the airport to a destination by keeping wellness at its core.

The ongoing pandemic has changed traveler behavior forever. The realization that health and wellness is of utmost importance while traveling has brought about a permanent change in the needs and expectations ofthe modern global traveler.

Having lived through COVID-19, today’s travelers are increasingly seeking healthier solutions when they hit the road. Because travelers are keenly aware of the needs for a healthier lifestyle, the travel industry needs tobe better, with a greater focus on sustainability, traveler wellbeing, and overall wellness.

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