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Enriching the mind, body, and soul. Take a trip with Roxstar Global Consulting- Nature's Wonderland

Costa Rica enriches the mind, body, and soul with dense culture, boundless adventures, and tropical retreats. Come and see why it's one of the happiest places on Earth Nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is a densely rainforested gem. Instantly relax into the Pura Vida way of life that the Costa Ricans follow, and experience the genuine hospitality from a nation ecstatically proud of its surroundings. The volcanoes are captivating and the sunsets are blazing, so sure your camera lens is ready for every sight you see

  • Explore Corcovado National Park with a renowned zoologist in search of tapirs, ocelots, and spider monkeys

  • Soar in a helicopter above a smoking volcano

  • Enjoy a marine safari looking for dolphin superpods and migrating humpback whales aboard a private yacht

  • Surf the tropical beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula with a champion surfer

  • Bash through jungle creeks and thick mud in an all-terrain Tomcar

  • Join a conservation project and watch giant sea turtles emerge from the Caribbean surf to lay their eggs

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