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Meeting Manley Hopkinson during your Kalahari Reflections trip with Roxstar Global Consulting

Manley Hopkinson is a highly successful extreme adventurer, speaker, and author. His endurance and expertise in

his polar and sailing explorations are ones that he now uses to inspire change and development in both families

dynamics and the world of business. An internationally acclaimed and admired inspirational and motivational speaker, Manley uses powerful metaphors to enliven the topics of leadership, “team-ship” and “self-ship” all with a focus on delivering high performance. With the core of his talks revolving around his phenomenal experiences, Manley develops the personal themes of fulfilling your team’s potential and achieving far beyond your own perceived abilities, as well as drawing on the numerous leadership and team development lessons; give a team a real sense of purpose and direction, motivate and inspire they and it is incredible what can be achieved.

A journey of campfire yarns and self-discovery in Botswana's the Kalahari Desert. Learn to connect more effectively and achieve lasting change through the power of storytelling in Botswana. This magical bush adventure is led by Manley Hopkins, an acclaimed explorer, mentor, and compassionate leadership guru with an extraordinary track record of skilfully connecting people, facilitating mutual trust, and achieving transformation. Based on a luxury mobile camp situated in the remote ancestral homeland of the Kalahari Bushmen, you will experience wide-open spaces which are home to a vast range of games including cheetah, caracal, honey badger, eland, and oryx. Take part in the extraordinary trance dancing of the local San people, listen to inspiring bush tales, and experience a thrilling wild sleep-ou beneath the stars guarded by the ever-watchful San. Spend time on the edge of the incredible NtwetwennPan, where you will enjoy visits to meerkat colonies and baobab-studied islands in the salt. All the while Manley will weave together the various strands of your individual stories into a tapestry that will become your group’s blueprint for relating together in the future. It’s not just adults who will find these experiences rewarding. If you come as a family, your children will be utterly absorbed and will gain life skills to treasure for a happy.

  • Be guided by Manley Hopkinson, notable. explorer, writer, storyteller, and leadership guru

  • Perfect for families and small groups wanting to develop their communication skills

  • A week in the wild African bush, sleeping in a pop-up camp in the land of the San Bushmen

  • An indulgent stay. in a luxury, camp straddling the Nwetwe Pan

  • Authentic encounters with local wildlife and communities

  • Expert logistical support team on hand throughout

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