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Greek Island Hopping- Exploring Athens with Roxstar Global Consulting

In a place where ancient civilizations were born, like an open-air museum, Greece is full of monuments to the past. But these aren’t the only treasures to be found. Embark on an island-hopping adventure on your own private and fully crewed yacht in the Aegean. You decide each day where you want to go and drop anchor anytime for a cooling swim while the crew arranges lunch! The Aegean; where man and mother nature have created some of their best crowning glories.

Explore Athens, the ancient capital of the world, where you will uncover millennia of history with an expert archaeologist

•Feast on freshly caught seafood on a secluded beach at sunset

•Visit some of them under the radar islands of the Greek Archipelago from the comfort of your private yacht

•Experience the famous Greek hospitality and feast on home-cooked specialties over dinner with like-minded locals

•Meet a marine biologist and learn how the underwater ecosystem is being protected and conserved

•Enjoy one evening on board with a renowned astronomer

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